Saying Goodbye to Comfort Zones in 2020

Have you ever had a favorite blanket or sweater that's always just right when you need it? As time goes on it gets worn down and a little tattered and not as comfortable as it used to be. Now, it’s not looking so great anymore. If that’s you, then girl, I GOTT U!


What if you decided to step out of the comforts of that blanket or sweater and tried something new. Sure, it may not fit the same or give you the same warm cozy feeling at first, but if you give it time you may find that it's way better!


The same goes for our comfort zones in life. Those areas that we are familiar with, where we achieved a certain level of success. There are no challenges and very few issues in this space. This is a space that we are familiar with and it gives us that comfy cozy feeling. The problem here is that if we do not allow ourselves to be stretched out of our comfort zones we may not discover the great and awesome things that are in store for us but are within us! 


God has given you a purpose and destiny but you will not get there staying wrapped in that same old blanket or wearing the same old tattered sweater. The next move you make may not seem to fit you or may feel a little uncomfortable but that is because you are not the same anymore! You are being groomed and pruned for greatness! So, go for it! Do not run from stepping out of your comfort zone, embrace it! Let's SLAY these comfort zones in 2020 and step out into what God has called us to do and be!