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Welcome to the (Un)Comfort Zone

By Latoya Hammond

Have you ever been in a total state of discomfort? If so, then girl, I GOTT U!

It was a Saturday morning at 7:11 am. On my way to the gym, I was thinking of ideas about my blog launch party. The Lord laid upon me yet another little snippet. During the process of starting this blog, I was so uncomfortable and I remember saying to God, I am so uncomfortable, that I do not even know who I am anymore! And He said,

“Good, that is the point where I want you. I want you so far out of your comfort zone, that you don't know who you are because you're not who you are anymore. You're not who you even thought you were, especially when those thoughts didn’t line up with who I said you are. So yes, be out here in this uncomfortable zone, because that's the zone that I need you to be because that's where you are going to discover who you are and what you are capable of. That is where you're going to keep pushing, that's where you're going to get revelation, that's where you're going to build your faith. That is where you are going to see me with you step by step. You’ll see what it is, I have for you. So just keep being obedient, just keep doing what I called you to do, even when you're afraid, even when you're nervous, even when the thoughts come that say, who's going to be there; who's going to show up; who's going to care?”

When I am writing and begin thinking this does not sound right or when I am planning and thinking I cannot afford to do this, I am scared. What if I fail? What if I? . . . What if, what if, what if? You see, we have to stop entertaining the enemies what ifs, and start focusing on God’s what IS and taking that to the bank! When we begin to lean into God's what is; who God is; what He says about us; and who we are when we begin to read through the scriptures and we replace and add our name. The Word, becomes personal to you because it is a letter from God to you. We have to really start knowing who He is not who we think He is. We need to stop putting our humanism on God because that becomes who He is and how we judge ourselves; how we judge others; and how we judge our situation. When we really begin to know who God is and how much He loves us, no matter what plans the enemy comes up with, as women we take the plots of the enemy and we look at what God has in store. No matter the enemy’s strategy, we mesh together God’s purpose and plan for our lives and we start walking boldly in this world. That is the mindset we must start walking in baby! Let me tell you, there is nothing, nothing that can stop you. Now, I know challenges are going to come. The weapons will be formed but they are not going to prosper and you will become unstoppable. And when we link up with other women for purpose, watch out because those divine connections are a game changer. I am saying all that to say, if it starts to feel uncomfortable, if it starts to feel a little bit like, “Ah, man, I don't know about this,” then keep pushing, keep pressing because that is exactly where you are supposed to be! Soon you will start to feel like this ain't a game! That is because it is not the version of you, you thought you were. It is the real you. The you, you are supposed to be. It is who you are. It is who God called you to be that is coming out and pushing that other chic out the way! She is pushing the old chic out of the way that is stuck in fear and self-doubt. That chic that would be afraid and would tuck and run and say, I will try it again next time. She is pushing that chic out the way saying make room, make room, you are not welcome here anymore. I thank you for trying to preserve me. You've been trying to protect me from hurt, rejection, and pain. And I thank you for trying to protect me. But now, you are not the one anymore. So I love you, but you gotta move out the way. Now, that chic becomes a reference point when I need to keep pressing forward because I know I cannot go back! Because if I continue to allow you to define me and my choices I will never reach my destiny!

See, your purpose is revealed in uncomfortable areas. I remember as I was encouraging my cousin during our workout that day and I was saying, “let's get it. Let's go.” And I will be honest, I was a bit uncomfortable encouraging her. Go figure? I think because in my mind, I thought I sounded silly. I do not really know the reason. Anyway, as I stopped at the end of the set, unbeknownst to me, she took a picture of me kneeling down and there was a rainbow in the picture . . . God's promise. I heard in my spirit that God's promises are tied to our purpose. You begin to discover your purpose when you step outside of your comfort zone ladies. So let's get it!

Just keep showing up. Whatever you were doing, keep showing up because here is the thing, the Bible says that no weapon formed against us, shall prosper. It does not say the weapon is not going to form. The weapon is going to form, trials, tribulations, struggle and challenges in life. They are out there. They are coming. The Bible does not say that nothing was going to come against you. However, God has given us everything that we need to show up when they come. So when fear shows up, you show up. When anxiety shows up, you show up. When whatever shows up, you show up! The thing about it is the last time it may have gotten you. Then, the next time, it may have taken you out a little bit. But then, the next time you show up, stand firm and say I will not fear. I will not stress out. I will not worry. I will not have anxiety. I will not fail. I will not fall. And even if you do not fully or wholeheartedly believe it, say it anyway.

Say it! Why? Because it is tied to principles in the Bible. It is tied to promises in the Bible. We know what happens when we speak. When we speak, things change. God gave us life and death in the power of our tongues and we shall have what we say. So when we speak life we keep speaking it until what we speak happens. So I am telling you today, just keep showing up cause girl, I GOTT U!

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