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Summer Break

By: Latoya Hammond

Hey Sis,

I GOTT U is taking a summer break!

This will be a time of reflection, rest, and restoration. Because of the personal content that I love to bring you, I recognize that in this time we are living in it’s also important to take time to renew and refresh. I’m looking forward to this time because I am confident that out of it will come new levels of life revelations that I’ll share with you!! There are times when you pour out so much of yourself that it is important to recognize when it’s time for you to refuel. Now is that time for me!

So, thank you for following, commenting, and sharing. You guys are amazing! Although I will be on break with the blog posts you can still follow me on Instagram and Facebook for weekly inspiration, encouragement, and motivation!

IG @i_gottu

Facebook: I GOTT U

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