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Strength in Heartbreak

By: Latoya Hammond

Have you ever had your heart broken? Experienced a loss that you were not ready for? Did you feel like you would never be the same again?

Then girl, I GOTTU!

I never thought heartbreak would be something that would cause me to love myself more. Heartbreak has allowed me to grow in new ways and discover another layer of strength in me that I never knew existed. Although painful and frustrating at times, my tears are also beautiful! I want to know more about the woman I see and love on her. It has caused me to trust God in new ways and see myself experience this heartbreak through His love, mercy and grace.

Not too long ago, I was focused on strengthening my body and working on myself emotionally and mentally. I knew I was finally becoming the incredible woman I always believed could exist. I thought I had a good handle on that until, in the blink of an eye, EVERYTHING changed. What did I do? Was I enough? What could I have changed? What could I have done differently? But it was too late. The pieces of my heart were slowly shattering into pieces. Small pieces of self-esteem; love; my future; my identity; my beauty; my security all disintegrating. My life was being reshaped right in front of me in real time!

After the heart is broken, the heart still aches. Even through the healing process of putting your life back together, there is still heartache. There are days when it all feels good and you’re focused, loving pain. Then, there are other days your heart feels all of the pain with just one thought or memory. As humans, there are times when we can allow the bad to overshadow the good. We forget about our progress and our small victories. For some, it makes more sense to honor the pain than to shift our minds and honor the healing taking place. It may make more sense to honor the pain because the hurt is already there and you become comfortable in the discomfort of the pain. There is a fear there, you become afraid of moving forward in healing because of the unknown. I know because of my current experience that healing takes work and it hurts but from that hurt you will find strength! However, if you remain focused on the hurt that caused the pain in the first place you’ll find yourself immersed in a space of negative emotions that may paralyze you and keep you from healing.

Your healing becomes a part of your testimony and God uses that for his purpose for your life. It is one of your greatest weapons against the enemy who’s main objective is to steal, kill and destroy your purpose!

Sis, Even though you didn’t see it coming, I’m here to let you know God prepared you for it! The choices you make daily are what strengthen you. The one choice above all is to include God. Seek Him, talk to Him, love on Him, praise Him, trust Him. Next, write it out, talk it out with those you can trust with your feelings. This is where your strength will come from!

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