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Purpose in Process

By: Latoya Hammond

Have you ever asked yourself why you are going through what you are going through? Having to go through the pain of being hurt by a loved one, loss and grief, rejection, mistakes, the list can go on. Then, girl I GOTT U!

I have come to find out there is purpose in the process. We oftentimes say, “I’m going through” because we are moving through the issues of life. A process is a series of steps or strategic actions taken to achieve a particular end. I am in the midst of a “going through” season of my life right now. Let me restate that. I am personally smack dab in the middle of one of the most devastating seasons I have ever experienced. There are days where my emotions run the gamut of highs and lows; ups and downs; tears and pain. I find my mind clogged with dysfunctional thoughts as I replay everything that has transpired that lead me to this place. There are times that are especially emotional for me and I get lost in a pile of “why?” When you have been left by someone you love and who you never thought would ever leave you and then choose to go through the healing process you will find that sometimes PROCESS SUCKS!!!

One day, despite the tears and the hurt, I began to worship and to fix my mind on God. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “there is purpose in the process.” Let’s be honest . . . no one likes the process! Again, Process Sucks!! If you’re like me you just want to get to the end result. However, I have begrudgingly learned that process is necessary! If you’re like me, when I am in pursuit of a goal, I want to get to the end sooner rather than later. And, Lord knows, I don’t want to have to “go through” too much to reach the finish line.

In painful moments, the desire to “go through” to the other side is intensified. I am so over it and want to move on past the hurt; past the haunting thoughts; and past the destructive conversations I have with myself. Well-meaning family and friends encourage me to talk about it; write about; or “trust the process.” But when you are hurting and feel the disillusionment, disappointment and despair being constructed all around you, it’s difficult to trust in anything or anyone. In my haste to “go through,” I overlooked that the process also brings healing.

I almost missed it! I began to construct that wall until I understood God’s soothing words. So, I’m here to tell you for the first time, or to remind you, your life has purpose. God created you with that purpose in mind. Therefore, everything that we experience and everything that He takes us through is a process. That process has purpose. Sometimes we look at the purpose being the end goal. However, that is only part of it. The complete picture of the process will reveal that our purpose is found in the strategic and necessary steps we must take when going through. This helps change the perspective as we understand that God knows what we are going through and, in the midst of the process, He is working in us, through us, and for us to unearth those treasures that are hidden deep within. As we go through the healing process, He is revealing the strength, tenacity, endurance, direction and purpose that we didn’t know existed.

I hope you will allow this to encourage you today. I know it's helping and encouraging me! I know it may hurt. I know that tears are going to fall. I know the heart will ache. However, I also know that this too shall pass. Ultimately, I must realize that I am not God. I do not have the entire picture of what God is doing behind the scenes of my life. But, I trust that God is working everything out for my good. His working is not just on my behalf but for His glory and to be the anchor as others “go through.” God’s name is on our purpose! So, no matter how much it hurts, fix your mind on Christ and there you will find the perfect peace necessary to go through and see the purpose in your process unfold.

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