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Own It

By Latoya Hammond

I saw a post on Instagram today that said, “Owning Your story is the bravest thing you will ever do.” Now, I know that I am not the only one with a story. And, if I’m honest, there are parts to my story that I wish I could forget but, that is not possible. On my journey to fully walking in my purpose, I have had to come face to face with my story. The good, bad, ugly, ratchet and, the parts that I do not want anyone to know about. Then, there are the parts that I said, “I’ll take this to my grave.” Over the past year, what I have realized is if I am going to be who God has called me to be and fulfill his purpose on my life, I was going to have to accept, acknowledge and embrace all parts of my story realizing that the things I went through were meant for purpose. Therefore, the things that happened to me do not define me. Although they did happen to me, when I change my perspective I can see they happened for me.

I have learned that in order to own my story, I had to go to the Creator and the Author of my life. It had to be me and God and this time I had to be 100% real with Him! My prayer was, “God help me to see myself the way you see me, brokenness and all!” I began to look at the things that happened in my life and realized they were not who I was. You see, many times we allow the things that happened to us cause us to make decisions that shape who we become. But again, hear me…it is NOT who we are! Who you are is not rooted in the things that happened to us but what was done for us. When Jesus gave His life for ours we were rooted in the love of God!

Now, you may be thinking that what has happened to you and the things you have gone through are too painful to own or embrace. Just let me say, “I totally get it!” I mean who really wants to acknowledge or own hurt; pain; regret; rejection; abuse; and, abandonment. It is as if owning it is somehow saying that you are okay with it. However, I challenge you to consider this perspective that owning it doesn’t make it okay, but owning your story is necessary for your purpose. I have heard it said in many ways that there is purpose in your pain or that your ministry is birthed out of your pain. Again, sounds crazy right? How could something that hurt me be used for my purpose? The bible says, “All things will work together for your good.” As you begin to own your story, the brokenness and pain collected throughout the pages of your life - the enemy and the haters and those who want to define you by what has happened to you, no longer have the advantage or the power! You are now free to walk in your truth.

I believe we as women must realize that we are not defined by what we have been through and what has happened to us. Instead, we are destined to use those things to fulfill our purpose. I encourage you to think about your story and see whether you are owning it or if it’s owning you. If you see that your story is owning you, I submit to you that it may be time to flip the script and take your power back! I believe we are in a time of women rising up and walking in their truth! Embracing all facets of themselves. And yes, that includes acknowledging, healing and owning your story! When we decide to own our story and walk in our truth, we give the next woman hope! Hope in the possibility that something amazing can come out of owning your story. We empower one another! I know that when I hear another woman’s testimony or when someone shares something they are dealing with or has dealt with, one of my first thoughts is that, ”I thought I was the only one.” There’s so much power in knowing you are not alone. It does something on the inside of you. Listen, I got you! This blog is about owning my story every day and learning and growing into the woman God has created me to be. And, in that, I hope to inspire, encourage and empower each of you to do the same. So, wherever you are on you your journey, girl I GOTT U!

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