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Over Overwhelm

Have you had enough of overwhelming moments getting the best of you?

Then girl, I GOTT U!

Have you had enough of overwhelming moments getting the best of you? Then girl, I GOTT U.

One day I was sitting in my car on my way to work thinking about the thoughts that I had been having over the last couple of days. I was thinking about writing this blog and planning the launch party, not to mention everything else going on in my life in general. Thinking about the roles I operate in; the hats I wear; and the feelings of constant overwhelm mixed with some anxiety. I got to be here, I got to be there, you know, all the things right? I will be honest, thoughts of how am I going to pull this off, or can I even do this, began to take over my mind. Would I have everything done in time? Would I get my writing in on time? I thought would I have time to write or would I have any quiet time in order to write? Would the site be finished in time? I felt like I needed something else to write. I was nervous that I was running out ideas and I would never have another idea ever again! Then there were those heavy hitting thoughts of finances. Would I have the money to plan the party? I began feeling like I did not have anything else to give. I did not know if I had anything else to say. And to round it all out, I began thinking there are so many other blogs out there and women who are empowering other women, having conferences and events...who am I? What if I am not as good as the next woman? At that moment I knew I had to shift my focus from all my perceived issues and focus on the positive things I had going on. I needed to reach out to my support system and above all I had to tell God how I was feeling! So, all that got me to thinking about this post I’d see often that said “Me v Me”. There is no competition . . . you are who you were created to be! So really, your only competition is you. The only competition is with who you were yesterday and who you were in the past. As I thought more about this, what was laid on my heart was not to allow the past you cause the present you to not embrace the future you. If you allow the past you to continue to control who you are, she will hinder you from embracing who God has called you to be. How you deal with the past you will result in one of two things, you will either remain the same out of fear or you will accept who you really are in faith. You can no longer allow the past you to continue to define the present you.

When faced with so many overwhelming thoughts, the past me would have shut down completely. I would have just cried and gone into a mode of depression. I would have given up and said to myself, “I can't do this.” “I'm canceling it.” “That's it!” I'm done . . . I'm a failure.” Yes, it would have been that major! Now, don’t get me wrong, the past me, she tried to show up. However, there was something that hit me and I was like “No!” Even though this hurts; even though my heart is beating out of my chest; even though I am confused; and even though I am at my wit's end, I will not quit! I had been dealing with these feelings all week long and by Sunday my mindset was something has to give. So, I said I am going to breathe. I am going to declare the word of God. I am going to church to get into the presence of God, and worship. I am going to share my feelings with those that I trust with my feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and self-doubt. I have people that I go to that I trust with those feelings because let’s keep it real, you can't trust everybody with your feelings. It is important that you have people you can go to in those moments. I was able to spend time with my family that day and just laugh, enjoy and watch my son play football. There was a heaviness that was lifted off of me that day.

Ladies, if you are going through any emotional situation that is causing you any overwhelm, any anxiety or, any panic, there are ways to handle it in the moment. You have to shift your thoughts. It is important to change what you are giving your focus to, including, what you are

seeing in your current environment. Breathing helps as well. Taking a deep breath and breathing in positive thoughts and breathing out those negative thoughts that are coming against your mind. You do not want negative thoughts to become strongholds. You do not want them to become grips or vices on your thinking. The Bible says that we are to cast down strongholds. We have the power and the ability to cast down strongholds and negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts of what the word of God says. You can also begin to write down or say what you are grateful for. Having a heart of gratitude helps to change your thinking. The Bible says to put on a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. So when you feel that heaviness like a load of bricks has been dropped on your chest, begin to praise, and begin to say what you are grateful for. And if you don't know what to say, say, “God I thank you.” “God I thank you that I'm moving.” “God I thank you this moment of overwhelm is not going to last.” “God I thank you that this moment is temporary.” “God I thank you that you love me and I am coming out of this.” Find something to thank Him for because thanking God is a form of praise. And then do it over and over and over again! Gratitude shifts our focus off of us on in to God! When we begin to put our focus on God He will keep us in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).

As you begin to deal with your overwhelm differently, each time you will be able to handle these moments better from the start. And let me just say that there is no shame in this. There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed or anxious by life. There is no shame if you don't know what to do in those moments. Let me remind you that it’s “You v. You!” It’s time to start letting the old you know that you will no longer allow negative thoughts, overwhelm or anxiety to define who you are!

Ladies, I GOTT U! Just breathe deep breaths because that breathing is also an indication that baby you are living. You have breath in your body which means your purpose is still intact because you are breathing. Right? So know this, It’s not over!

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