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It's All About The Timing

By Latoya Hammond

Have you ever felt like you should be further along in your life than where you are? You had a version of how YOU thought things were going to go. You had it all worked out, your own goals and plans...then life totally took control and managed to seemingly derail EVERYTHING. Then, girl, I GOTT U!

Never in a million years did I think that I would be starting a blog and making plans to start a podcast and a business at 42. Now, had I known years ago that this was my purpose, I for sure would have thought I’d be at this point years ago! After grad school, my plans were to get a job and once I had children I would become a stay-at-home mom. Boy, did life have other plans for me. My husband and I were in agreement about me becoming a stay-at-home mom but the truth is we really didn’t plan for it! With two kids; dealing with unemployment; job changes (LIFE); repossessions; and foreclosures, our focus became making ends meet! I’m grateful that we were a part of an amazing ministry where we were able to receive the word of God and be encouraged by people who loved and cared about us. This along with family help and support, financially and emotionally, is what truly kept us moving forward.

Years went by and the dream of becoming a stay-at-home mom seemed to end up on the shelf. At a certain point in my 30’s or so, I began to question God about my purpose and what he had me on this earth to do. I was not happy where I was on my job and knew I wanted more but didn’t know what. Over the years there were cycles of joy, pain, hopelessness, stress, anger, name it I felt it! There came a point when I had to recognize and acknowledge my feelings and get help. Help for me was writing, sharing how I felt with people I trusted to tell me the truth and be there with me until I got better. I can honestly say that I was on this journey for a good ten years. I began asking God why? Why had I been going through all of this? All I wanted to do was be at home, be there for my boys, cook dinner at a decent hour, have time to live and maybe even have a lil’ side hustle…I mean is that too much to ask?

Now, in my early 40’s (YAAASSSSS), after all these years of asking and seeking God about my purpose, I’m now asking, ‘Why now? Why not before God? You just didn’t come up with my purpose. You’re intentional, you know the plans you have for me, you knew me before you knit me in my mother’s womb; you work from the end to the beginning.”

This is what I received. For where you want God to take you, you must change your mindset of where you are now. Once you change your mindset then your behavior and your actions will follow. It’s not about how you “feel” - remember your feelings don’t get a vote! It’s about being obedient to what He’s told you. It’s about building your character, developing the skills, temperament, patience, compassion, understanding for where He will take you!!!

In all my asking and seeking, the revelation I received was that it’s all been preparation. Everything that I experienced as a woman, wife, mother, friend, co-worker, in ministry was all for purpose. That I wasn’t ready. I was not mature enough. God was building my character, my focus, my resolve, my patience, and my heart. Now, looking back, it doesn’t seem like I was being built because there were plenty of moments that hurt! I realize now that it was THE TIMING OF GOD ON MY LIFE.

Ladies, if you’re anything like me and you’ve been seeking and asking God about your purpose and what He’s created you to do, but it seems like you haven’t gotten an answer, you have to trust the timing of God on your life. It’s never too late to discover and walk in your purpose. If you look back over your life and consider what you been through, I promise there have been signs along the way that have been pointing to your purpose. I encourage you to keep moving forward! Talk to God and go for it! Whatever it is...go for it! You must trust the timing of God on your life. He makes NO MISTAKES!

Proverbs 19:21(ESV)

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

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