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I Can't Do This!!

By: Latoya Hammond

Has there ever been a day or days when you just said, “I can’t do this!”? Then girl, I GOTT U!

I can't do it is one of the realest things that you could ever say, especially when you are simultaneously going through circumstances and challenging situations in life. As I am dealing with uncertainty on my job, in my family and other personal issues, I have come to find freedom in the truth of stating, “I can’t do this.” Sadly, those four words can be interpreted by others as my being weakly or helpless. This negative interpretation is the reason many stay silent when the help needed is available. Hear me when I say this, “there is nothing wrong with you!”

I am challenging you today to look at, “I can't do it” as a positive declaration. A changed perspective will bring you quickly to the truth that “you can’t do it.” Not by yourself! First, you need God. Secondly, you need a squad! You were never created to do it alone and carry life’s heavy load by yourself. So, do not be ashamed to say it. You are right. You can't do it without the power of the Spirit of God to help you heal, grow, succeed. We have the Spirit of God ready, willing and able to be our helper and comforter!

The Word of God says not by might, not by power but by my spirit. The Word also reassures that when we are weak, HE is strong. Even in your moments of weakness, you can be strengthened by the power of His might as you trust and acknowledge Him. The Bible tells us to “lean not on our own understanding but in all our ways acknowledge God and he will direct our path.” I believe it takes strength to admit you need help and then to ask for it!

So just stop it! No more of looking at yourself like is something wrong with you if you say that I can't do it! We’ve experienced sudden and drastic changes during this pandemic. Our lives are changing and we are forced to pivot and embrace new norms every single day. I have a job where working from home is not the ideal. Every day my career responsibilities are changing and increasing. I have had to adapt become more fluid as I shoulder the obligations that are being placed on my plate. There are days where I'm just like, “I can't do this!” With my personal life transitions and changes in my marriage, remote learning with my boys, coupled with pivoting at work, taking a moment to assess my capacity mentally, emotionally and physically is essential. To be perfectly honest, the issue sometimes is not that “I can’t do this,” but “I don’t want to do this.” That refrain morphs into “I don’t want to feel this,” and I find myself in the place where “I don’t want to feel this.”

It is at this point that my God and my squad are called upon to help me refocus, recharge and reassess as needed because life doesn’t stop just because I don’t want to feel. Right? Oh, how I wish I could just close my eyes so I don’t have to be a witness to what is going on. But, I can't keep my eyes closed forever. As soon as I open them back up, life is still waiting to mock me with a cynical, “hey boo, did you enjoy your nap? Now, back to reality because I am still here.” So, I have to keep moving. Yet, this time I move with intentional help. I partner with the Holy Spirit to get things done in His power so that the healing happens as I accomplish my daily demands.

As I partner with the Holy Spirit, I notice my prayer change from asking God what I need to surrendering to “thy will be done.” I had to learn to not get so hooked on what I think should happen the way I want it to happen. I have come to realize that He is going to show up and move on my behalf because He loves me! My part is to trust Him and His Word that He is going to provide everything that I need. God is sovereign and He can do what He wants; when He wants; how He wants. I had to learn to stop locking God in a box. He is going to do it just like He did before, but perhaps in a different way. As my words line up with His and I focus on Him, He shows up in my situation. The situation may be a difficult one but, through it all, He is working on me, in me and through me to bring out the treasure inside of me that would not be found without the challenges of life.

Now when I say, “I can't do this,” it empowers me because my dependence shifts from my inadequacy to God’s sufficiency. My state of mind is freed in this changed perspective because the weight is off of me and placed on God who is my source and strength. It is in this weightless state that the breakthrough begins.

So, I challenge you to say it from the mountain top, “I can’t do this” and liberate yourself to receive the direction and healing you need. As you heal, keep moving towards your goals of starting your business; writing your book; and accomplishing all that your job, children and spouse requires. You can handle it because you are moving under the grace of a surrendered heart. It is here that God will bring to pass all that He has planned and purposed for you because your “can’t” has transformed to I “can” do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

2 Corinthians 12:20

That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

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