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Happy Anniversary I GOTT U!!

By: Latoya Hammond

Happy Anniversary I GOTT U!! I can't believe it's been a year since we launched and my first post was published! This past year has truly been quite the year for all of us! You know the one thing I have learned is to be ready when you ask God to show you your purpose, especially when you decide to be obedient and step out on faith! Clearly I did not know that when I started this blog that I would endure one of the most painful, heartbreaking and devastating seasons of my life. Oh BUT God! He used it for his glory to be a light to ladies all over who were going through some of the same things! This blog has exceeded my expectations and I am excited to see what God reveals to me in 2021 for I GOTT U. Thank you ladies so much for rocking with me and taking the journey with me this past year. You are the best and I appreciate your encouragement and support and I'm grateful for the love you continue to show!

As always...Girl, I GOTT U!

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