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God Are We There Yet?

By: Latoya Hammond

Have you ever felt like you have finally “arrived”? It could be working on growing in a certain area of your life: healing from hurt; dealing with unforgiveness; or simply reaching a goal you have set. Then once you have achieved it you feel it's easy street from here on out!

Once you reach what you have been working for you feel like you have finally arrived only to find out you haven’t. It’s like there is always something, a situation, challenge to life, mistakes that will be made, issues and whatever else that seems to be waiting for you right around the corner. If you have ever felt like this, then Girl, I GOTT U!

What I am learning is that you never really reach this final destination of "I made it.” And if you have, can you give me the coordinates for my GPS so I can get there? From what I have gathered on this journey of evolving is that there’s levels to this!

Consider this with me. Could it be that when we come to the realization that we are on a daily, moment by moment journey that that is the point of our “arrival”. For me it was realizing that in this season of my life I am on a journey of healing from heartbreak and all that has come along with it. And on this journey I am discovering who I really am! It’s been a journey full of tears, sleepless nights, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, shock, anger, and healing from the rejection and pain that has tried it’s best to stop me in my tracks.

Listen, there will always be something that happens in life and let’s be honest, once we feel that we have gotten past one situation something else happens. For me I had finally stepped out of my comfort zone and launched this blog. Then three months after the launch I was told by my husband that he wanted a separation. Just like that I went from being on a high to being at one of the lowest points in my life. And if you are like me when this happens, oftentimes the response is “Really God?” When I am finally feeling good about myself, having a real sense of direction, clarity and accomplishing my goals then, here comes something else.

Now here is where perspective about the journey is so key! When you understand that you never really make it or arrive at healing or you are finally over it, meaning nothing else will ever happen again, you have a different outlook when something else happens. How we view the situation will determine our response and how we move forward with our lives. Are we looking at it through eyes of love, forgiveness, grace, growth, evolving or are we looking at it through the hurt, the pain, and unforgiveness? Our perspective determines who we become on the journey.

Remember ladies we talked before about how there is purpose in the process. So, Instead of looking at this sometimes unobtainable point of arrival , there is something to be said about being present in the process, embracing the journey. God is there in every moment, even before we get to the moment. He’s omnipresent. He’s not waiting at some imaginary finish line with a medal. He’s on the journey with you, he’s in the race with you, setting the pace for you. He’s there with you side by side, in front of you, behind you...covering you on the journey. On the mountaintop and in the valley moments he is right there!

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