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Can You Imagine...

Meet The Author Aisha Young

“Aisha Young desires all to come into the liberal knowledge that our generational bloodline was only our transportation to temporary planet earth, it’s NOT who we are.”

Have you ever asked yourself why you were born into the family you were born into? Then girl, I GOTT U!

Let me introduce you to a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and oh yes an author, Aisha Young, who also happens to be my sho nuff sister-friend!!! I met this beautiful gem over 10 years ago where we were in ministry together at one of the best churches on the planet! We connected over our love of praise and worship and one of the 90’s classic sitcoms...Martin(I know you sang it in your head)!!! Over the years our friendship has grown into a true sisterhood!

In 2019 this amazing lady published her first book Imagine Me...Conquering Fears, Stigmas and Regrets. Let me tell you it IS a game changer! Listen, At the end of the day we are all dealing with some form of hurt, regret, fear, stigmas, and traumas from our past and/or current situations that can result in GENERATIONAL CURSES or CYCLES OF DYSFUNCTION. This book reveals how to conquer the very things that are blocking you from walking in total deliverance and in your God given purpose! This book will also take you on a journey of self-reflection. It will encourage you to make one important decision, that I WILL BE THE ONE...IT ENDS WITH ME!! My takeaway from this book is that in spite of all the mess, the petty, rejection, hurt, pain, you name it, God is always loving on you and your purpose has not been lost!! What HE says goes...Periodt!!! Imagine Me is real, transparent and most importantly loving! So, now that I have your attention I encourage you to get your copy today!!!

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