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Who Am I

I am what I like to call a God girl!! I love God and Jesus; and, the Holy Spirit is my partner in this thing called life. I am a woman who had a strong desire to discover her purpose and actually be whom God called her to be. This blog was birthed out of my desire to discover my purpose. Throughout my life, I felt like I didn’t have anything to offer so I just went through life doing what I “thought” I was supposed to be doing or what other people thought I should be doing. Never really knowing who I was nor having any true identity or direction. In addition to all of this I am a divorced mother of two amazing  teenage boys who definitely keep me on my toes!


I am the girl who was teased, talked about, used, and abused. Bullied by other girls and betrayed in friendships and relationships. But I wasn’t the best I could've been in these relationships either. It is funny how despite all that I experienced with other females, at the very core of me, I still have seen the best and wanted the best for women. I always had an encouraging word to offer even when I needed one of my own. I would often find myself saying, “I got you”, so I realized my purpose to empower, encourage and inspire women was tied to my life experiences with females…who would have thought?! Now, I am the woman who understands who I am and how God created me. I am embracing all of me and being okay with who I am. 

In 2020 I found myself facing separation and impending divorce. It was through this experience that I found a passion for helping women realize they can heal, grow and evolve while going through heartbreak. 


This blog is to let women know in a very real and relatable way that they are not alone; that I take personal responsibility to get you to your unstoppable. My purpose is to empower, inspire, and encourage you through my real-life experiences by taking you on a journey of my own healing, growing and evolving as I continue yo discover and walk in my purpose. It is to empower you to be whom God called you to be in spite of what you have been through. I want you to know the truth about what God says about you and what you are capable of…that’s the place of unstoppable. Creating a collaborative community and network that will help women to discover and define their purpose in spite of life's hurts they have endured. My passion is to see women evolve into their destiny, embrace their uniqueness, love themselves with abandon and influence generations to unapologetically create the life they love! This is a space where women will be celebrated for who we are in this world!

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